Mental performance is the psychological aspect of performance. Even though technique and knowledge are crucial for performance, the psychological factors can prevent athletes, musicians, test takers, and other performers from reaching their full potential.

Some aspects of mental performance are more foundational, that is, they will be the base to help the performing mental skills work. In teams, these skills include teamwork, leadership, and communication. In both individual and group/team settings the core skills of mental toughness, growth mindset, and self-improvement are also key for performance. Together, these six skills form the core mental skills that Get Ahead focuses on improving.

Besides the core skills, athletes and other performers must also be able to use performing skills to be successful. Some of them are even a little natural that athletes try out, such as deep breathing and self-talk. These skills, however, work the same way as physical skills; they must be practiced in an optimal way to be most effective. Yes, you can learn how to run by yourself, but if you want to achieve a high-performance level, you will need to learn about the correct biomechanics of running with a coach and practice it systematically.

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