Camps are a great time to improve technical skills, but not everyone realizes how useful it is to work on their mental skills in the offseason. That’s a great time to test new skills, change preperformance routines that are not working well, invest in a new approach to setting goals, and even develop a new mindset towards the sport.

Get Ahead Mental Performance LLC can offer different styles of mental training for volleyball campers:

  1. Mental training stations for specific volleyball skills. For example, a serving station would go over the development of an effective serving routine, a reception station would review routines and external focus, and a blocking station would also review the basics of imagery.
  2. Mental training for specific positions. Learn how to apply various mental skills to specific volleyball positions. How can a setter have the game plan in mind while also paying attention to the environment and teammates? Mental skills can help! And they help in every position.
  3. Overcome your mistakes. Volleyball is a game of at least 75 points (if you are playing best of 5). Lost points and mistakes will happen, so a volleyball athlete must be good at learning from them and leaving them in the past. Mental skills allow volleyball athletes to be in the present and to focus on what they are doing to reach their best performance.
  4. Improve your mental toughness. Research shows that one of the factors separating most successful elite athletes from the rest is their use of mental skills. Learn how to be more mentally tough, persist in face of failure, and grow your confidence.
  5. Prepare for college volleyball. Dr. Fogaça has worked with college volleyball teams for five seasons and has great tips on how to adapt to the life of a college volleyball athlete.