Coaches can also use sport psychology in their work! There are two main ways that we offer services for coaches:

Improve your coaching

One way we can help is by teaching about psychological variables that affect performance and how they can be trained by coaches. Coaches have a central role in the team and if they are not working in line with what is psychologically best for their athletes, there is no miracle that sport psychology consultants can make. Our workshops and consultations can help coaches learn how to deliberately target the improvement of their athletes’ mental game by infusing sport psychology into their practices and creating a climate that helps athletes thrive. Learn how to improve your athletes’ focus, emotional management, teamwork, communication, poise, mental toughness, and much more!

Improve your wellbeing

Mental skills also help coaches’ performance and wellbeing directly. Coaches who can manage their emotions, be mindful, and focus on self-improvement, for example, will be more effective and have better mental health. Coaching is a stressful job and mental skills help manage stressors while positively affecting coaching performance.

Contact us and learn how to make important decisions under pressure and better manage your stress by using mental skills!