Social distance to delay the spreading of Coronavirus is happening with full strength and it will save lives. Social distance, however, means canceling or postponing sports events and, many times, seasons, which is disheartening for athletes who worked the whole year for this moment. Many of these athletes are seniors who may miss their last season of High School or Collegiate athletics. In the face of this difficult situation, here are some tips on how to deal with this challenge while working on your mental skills and resilience:

Use your mental skills to grow through this forced downtime from competitions.
  1. Feel the feels: It is, of course, natural to feel anger and despair in this situation; you worked very hard and now there is a barrier between you and your dream. It is also natural to feel guilty for this anger when there are people dying of COVID-19. But don’t judge yourself: this is important for you and you are allowed to mourn the loss of your season.
  2. Be in the present and control what you can control: There are many things out of our control during this pandemic and it is easy to get stressed out about possible future events and outcomes. What if this or that happens? Thinking about “what ifs” will not solve any problems, so this is a good opportunity to practice your mindfulness skills and be in the present. What can you do to be in good shape right now? Maybe try an online workout program. Maybe complete daily imagery activities to keep your performance sharp in your brain. If you are worried about your loved ones, what can you do to support them?
  3. Work on your mental toughness: Mental toughness involves rebounding from setbacks, maintaining your commitment through difficult times, and controlling your emotions and effort during these challenging times. Here is a great opportunity to work on your mental toughness: maintaining your motivation, reaffirming your commitment, and putting effort into your preparation through these difficult times.

These are definitely difficult times but I hope that the mental skills that you have been working on can help you cope and be stronger on the other side. As the name suggests, they are skills and the more you practice the better you get at using them. Therefore, once this is all over, you will have a stronger mindset that will be capable of overcoming challenges in your competitions.

As I am also trying to get my lemonade out of this situation and control what I can, I will continue to work with individuals only, through online sessions. To stimulate your preparation in this downtime, I’m also slashing all my prices pretty strongly: you can get a package of four sessions for $100 in the next two weeks (I know, it’s pretty unbelievable). This will only be available for a limited number of clients – first come, first serve! Interested in catching this unbelievable promo? Contact us for more information!

Making a Lemonade out of the Lemons that the Coronavirus Gave to You: Improve Your Mental Skills
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